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  1. Earlier this year my family started looking at different ways we could consolidate two households. One household was my parents and the other was my husband and myself. My parents are retired in their late seventies and my husband and I are still working. I visited the Over60Exchange and saw the video on “Senior Living” where it outlines the different options. I showed this to my parents and together we made a decision to purchase a house that was all on one level with a suite for them and a nice large bedroom for my husband and I. The common space in the middle, including the kitchen is big enough so that we do not step on each other. We each have our own bathrooms and there is a separate family room and extra bedroom for me to have an office. This all happened because we were able to get great ideas from the Over60Exchange. Thank you!

    • Thanks for your story about how your family is making key changes in living together. We think this is a growing trend where more and more families will be consolidating to save money and where living together will provide other even greater benefits. We will be highlighting this trend in other focused reviews within the Over60Exchange Forums.

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