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NOTHING IS MORE VALUABLE THAN KNOWLEDGE...Real Knowledge based on Real Life Experiences

Over60Exchange Members have experience in everything and anything. The value of these experiences is incalculable but to someone starting a business, solving a problem or in need of new insight these experiences can be the difference between success and failure. That is what the Over60Exchange is all about. People Sharing Experiences with People who need that Experience to get something done.

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Coming in 2015 for all Members -

  •  Friends Exchange (Make new relationships) 
  • Travel Exchange (Places for Seniors to Go)
  • Knowledge Exchange (Trade Your Experience for Money)

TODAY I JOINED OVER60EXCHANGE BECAUSE ….I love the Senior to Senior Communications where we all help each other. This is a web site where people like me can go and ask questions and get responses from others who have lived through what I am going through. This is a web site where I can meet people who can help me with advice and or recommendations, whether it is health related, best buys or even what cruise to take. Having a web site where I can communicate with other seniors is invaluable, I am no longer alone. Thank you Over60Exchange!

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  • EXCHANGE resources
  • EXCHANGE best deals/discounts
  • EXCHANGE likes, contacts and friends
  • EXCHANGE ideas
  • EXCHANGE work/volunteer opportunities
  • EXCHANGE solutions for solving problems
  • EXCHANGE contacts for getting things done

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