Founder’s Message

Bob Brewster


Dear Reader:

As seniors, we are facing changing times. These times call for a different thinking toward how we want to live and take care of ourselves. More seniors than ever are deciding to stay in the workforce through a job or starting a new business. This movement is growing as seniors live longer and want to continue an active and rewarding lifestyle.

More seniors are re-thinking where they want to live and the type of home they want to live in. Healthcare is a major force in how we manage our money and how we manage our lifestyles.

This why we created the Over60Exchange.

The best way for seniors to know what to do and what decisions to make is to communicate directly with other seniors who have already experienced making these decisions. This senior to senior communications is what makes the Over60Exchange so powerful.

The strengths of the Over60Exchange are our membership numbers and the power of each member to communicate with every other member on the subjects that are the most important to each. Here's an important point - No one will call you or contact you, except through the Over60Exchange website. As a member your privacy is important to us.

Here at the Over60Exchange the key word is "EXCHANGE". You put something in and in exchange you take something out. It is that simple! Just imagine millions of people age sixty and older sharing and trading ideas, information and experiences with each other - all privately and exclusively within the Over60Exchange. This is true power at your fingertips! (If this intrigues you, please read Our Story) Also, see Ideas for Future Member Benefits

On behalf of the Over60Exchange, we hope you join us today and become a part of a revolutionary new way for people over age 60 to communicate and share information with each other..


Bob Brewster, Founder

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