How the Experience Exchange Process Works

Anyone can be an Over60Exchange Member who has personal first person experience(s) that he or she would like to share with others This sharing is done through a special Over60Exchange process called "Over60Share". This process allows individual sharing of real life experiences based on categories such as Science, Education, Business, Food, Government, etc. The individual creates a detailed write-up highlighting their experience , key points, what they learned good and bad and what they recommend for someone else trying to do the same thing.

Each experience is categorized with the Over60Share program so that it can be cross referenced for easy retrieval by anyone seeking insight into a subject where this experience directly applies. Once accessed the experience can be used in its entirety to help or assist the user in their requirements.

The critical key to this sharing is the unlimited vast amount of knowledge held by highly experienced persons who may have spent their entire careers or decades learning and fine tuning what they know. This experienced knowledge could be the key door opener to creating a major breakthrough success for someone else who is attempting to build a new business, who wants to develop a new process or who wants to invent a new product. Many times knowledge from someone who has "been there and done that" is exactly what is needed to solve a problem and to make an idea come true. Experience shared could be that "little" insight for making something a success versus failure.

That is the reason why we say... "Yesterday's Experiences for Tomorrow's Successes"

More to come....

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