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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

August 23, 2012 in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the Over60Exchange?
Answer: The Over60Exchange is for people age 60 and older to communicate with each other about all things involving life in the later years. It could be on How to Stay Independent, Healthy and Happy or to search for Information on particular subject. It could be searching for Inspiration and Motivation or for any number of other subjects.
Question: Does the Over60Exchange offer benefits to its members?
Answer: Yes. The Over60Exchange not only provides critical and timely information, it is also a source of real life information and insight provided by other members. This active “give & take” will grow more powerful as time goes by and the membership grows. This information will allow Over60Exchange members to be ahead of non-members when making decisions or anticipating lifestyle direction changes.
Question: Can someone join that is not age 60 or older?
Answer:  The Over60Exchange has decided that it will not exclude other people younger than sixty because of the additional screening process needed to verify ages but we do encourage younger people to have a meaningful and helpful purpose if they choose to join. However, there will be added benefits offered just for age sixty and older where age verification will be required and only those members proving their age will be made eligible or allowed to participate.
Question: What is a Lifetime Charter Member?
Answer: Lifetime Charter Members are those people who have been members since the Over60Exchange was first created who have participated in evaluating our website as well in giving us ideas to pursue. In addition, for a very limited period Lifetime Charter Membership is being extended to on a limited time basis to those people who join during our new launch and evaluation period.  
Question: Will there be other classes of Membership?
Answer: Other than the Lifetime Charter Membership and General Membership thereafter nothing is planned at this time. However, we are assuming that as the membership grows there will reasons for creating different eligibilities based on special benefits, which may require a more defined membership level.
Question: What fees apply to Members?
Answer: Except for Lifetime Charter Members who pay the subscription fee only one time, all other members pay an annual fee of $35.00. It is possible that in the future there may other fees announced for specific benefits or to gain special access to restricted areas of the Over60Exchange.
Question: Are there money making opportunities other than jobs?
Answer: Yes, many seniors want to have an independent income that can be done from home, their RV or anywhere. Because of this we also show business opportunities that can be either part-time or full-time. Some require a financial investment and others require do not. The Over60Exchange does not make any claims as to an individual’s success in any business it lists.
Question: Are there other products and services that the Over60Exchange offers?
Answer: Yes, over time, the Over60Exchange will be a large network clearing house for products and services directly related to its Members. Each active Over60Exchange Member will have access to a wide variety of valuable information to make life more productive and rewarding - information for living and dealing with life in the senior years, powerful tips and tricks for getting more value from skills, talents and abilities, current ideas and hints from other Over60Exchange Members exclusively offered to no one else, ideas and ways to save money or make more money, the ability to join with other active Members that have similar likes or talents to become more effective at promoting or utilizing them, special publications only available to active Members and website access to special products and services exclusive to Over60Exchange Members and Employers.
 Question:  How do I ask questions of other members who may have answers or experiences that can help me?
Answer: You can ask any type of question in the Forum area under “Ask Questions.
Question: Is there a Classified Ad section just for Members?
Answer: Yes. Look for an announcement on when it will be turned on for member use.
Question: Is there Individual Security and Privacy protection for members?
Answer: We want all members to feel comfortable with every other member when asking questions or sharing information but we ask all members to do this behind an anonymous Username. The Over60Exchange is password protected and is behind a firewall. We do not ask members for any information other than name, age, city, state and a brief description of their background. Each member chooses a Username upon signing up and all communication is through that user name internally on the website between other members. We recommend to all members to be discreet or to withhold the sharing of any private information to other members when communicating with each other just as you would not reveal private personal information in real life. Obviously, if there is already a personal relationship between members or there has been a verification process of some type used to make members comfortable with each the sharing of any personnel information is on a individual decision basis using common sense. Other than what’s stated above, the Over60Exchange will never ask for personal information unless it is related to a payment and even then it will be through a third party highly on a secure and highly protected site.