Purpose & Goals

Senior Life Can Still Be Fun & Exciting!

We represent every person nearing the age of 60 or older that is facing the challenges of growing older while trying to maintain an active lifestyle.

We would like every senior (man or woman) to become a member of the Over60Exchange because of our ability to help each other. We live in a rapidly changing world and there is no singular voice anywhere today that provides a direct communications from one senior to another senior. We are building the  Over60Exchange just for that purpose.

Our goal is Non-Political and quite simple.

We are not affiliated with any political party or political cause. However, we will not step away from any political policy making or other actions that are not in the best interests of our membership – the people we represent.

We are not a non-profit. We are a for-profit business founded by a group of seniors and experienced business people that believe in the principles of fairness and accurate communications. We also believe that seniors have a real need to access the very best information possible. This means providing accurate focused information on subjects affecting our member’s individual lives and lifestyles. That includes fun stuff too!

Just think about this….

    1. A dedicated website just for people near or over the age of 60.
    2. A place where members can securely communicate with each other on important questions, interests and subjects affecting all lifestyles.
    3. A place that is both serious and fun that focuses on making life better and more enjoyable.
    4. A place where experts can weigh in through special forums to give all members critical information for making decisions and staying active in life.
    5. A place where there is no hidden agenda to sell you something – product or service.
    6. A place where you can meet other people with similar interests and lifestyles that have a common need and common goal for helping each other.
    7. A place where the trading and sharing of information is both timely and focused because it comes from other people living life just like you.
    8. A place where the cloud of political discourse can be wiped away so that the real truth about key issues affecting every senior’s life can be more clearly seen and better understood.
    9. A place that is exclusive to seniors with subjects orientated only on seniors and the challenges of growing old in an ever more confusing world.

    Starting with a few seniors, we will become millions.

    Starting with the one basic idea – good accurate information that can be easily shared, we will become the goldmine of information and ideas for seniors to access anytime, anywhere.

    Please pass this on.

    Join today!