Our Story

Somewhere in the early 21st Century, a switch was flipped and all the rules for living life after age 60 were turned "off" and new replacement rules were turned "on".

For all but the very wealthy, it no longer makes sense to think of "retirement" as a life full of leisure, endless days of playing golf, sailing, fishing, traveling or whatever fulfills your fancy. Now, life after 60 will become a "hybrid" of working and playing with neither assuming dominance over the other but with both co-existing until either health or physical limitations no longer allow an active orproductive lifestyle.

When searching for answers for what to do next to make up for lost investments, disappearing 401K accounts, dwindling savings, ever rising health costs and increased day to day living expenses, we came face-to-face with the reality that the day had come for us to start using new ideas and actions geared to the hybrid lifestyle mentioned above.

It didn't take much research to quickly learn that very little guidance existed that wasn't already dated and in need of much revision. As we read through well known lifestyle and business magazines filled with articles about investing, working, and retirement, we also learned that if the magazine was older than 90 days, it was already obsolete. Books aren't much different. However, there are time tested principles in books that will always apply such as setting goals, setting deadlines and remaining flexible. For the most part we are finding out that the best way to determine our next steps is to network with other people of like mind and direction.

So, this brought us to a profound conclusion. If we were actively searching for answers and direction, there must be others with the same needs. After eighteen months of research, asking questions, speaking with others around the country and observing continuous changes in political and economic forces on our demographic age sixty and over, we recognized that there are two great forces at work that we could not ignore.

  1. Real Need
  2. Incredible Timing

One critical rule of business is to never start a business without first asking one simple question - "Who cares?" In this case the answer to this question is one hundred million people in their sixties and older care!

Regarding timing, without it, your idea or business will flop. Here, there is no argument to the fact that at no time in modern history has so much happened to so many people in such a short period of time. Consequently, timing could not be more critical than right now!

The Over60Exchange is YOUR power place to get answers, solve problems, have more fun and make new relationships by networking with other people just like you.