February 28, 2011 in Our World, Uncategorized

My Dad was one of six children in a broken home. At age six, he was parted out to his maternal grandmother who told him "stay out of trouble and stay out of the way". His brothers and sisters were sent to other families across the town. This was his upbringing and perhaps the key reason why throughout his life he tried to stay in touch with all his siblings and their families. Between his desire for a close family and my Mom's support for this, I was raised with an understanding of how important it is in life to stay in touch with everyone - family and friends.

Now, I am using this important experience to tell you that it is equally important for seniors (all of us over age sixty) to stay close with each other, especially on matters dealing with our lifestyles, finances and health. Together we can truly help each other.

Prior to his passing away, my Dad often stated that it took a village to raise him and his siblings. Now, I am telling you that this same premise applies to all of us over age sixty. The Over60Exchange is your online "Village". This is the place where you will find support, information and ideas for everything and anything to do with your life.

The times are tough for everyone today and based on what we can see for the future, they will remain like this for a long, long time. Therefore, I urge you to make Over60Exchange your "Internet Village" for support and information.

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